Asking for something

English Spanish
Pongame (poner) Put me
Dame (dar) Give me
Quiero (querer) I want
Deseo (desear) I wish
Tienes (tener) Do you have
Hay? Is there?
Hay There is
Cuánto es How much is
Una/media kilo de.. a/half a kilo of..
Una litro de.. a litre of..
.. gramos de .. ..grams of..

Describing the container

English Spanish
Tin Lata
Box Caja
Bag Bolsa
Dozen Dozen
Jar Bote
Loaf Barra
Packet Paquete
Bottle Botella
Slice Loncha
Piece/Block Trozo

Some useful things

English Spanish
Milk Leche
Biscuits Galletas
Eggs Huevos
Grapes Uvas
Apples Manzanas
Olive oil Aceite de oliva
Bread Pan
Sweets Dulces
Chocolate Chocolate
Orange juice Zumo de naranja
Crisps Patatas fritas
Chewing gum Chicle
Butter Mantequilla
Beer Cerveza
Wine Vino
Cigarettes Cigarrillos
Stamps Sellos

More words can be found on restaurants and on supermarkets.

Things you might hear or want to say

English Spanish
Cheap Barato
Expensive Caro
Discount Descuento
?Algo mas? Anything else?
?Alguna cosa mas? Anything else?
?Cuánto es? How much is?
Son .. euros It’s .. Euros

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