Los Vestidos

When buying (Comprando) clothes (ropa) you may find the post on shops (tiendas) and the following words (palabras) useful.

English Spanish
Try on Probarlo (probarse)
Lighter Claro
Darker Asouro


English Spanish
Underpants (m) Calzoncillos
Underpants (f) Bragas
Socks Calcetines
Tights Medias
Trousers Pantalones
Jeans Tejanos
Shorts Pantalones cortos
Shoes Zapatos
Sandals  Sandalias
Boots Botas
Jacket Chaqueta
Tshirt Camiseta
Sweater Suéter 
Skirt Falda
Dress Vestir
Gloves Guantes
Scarf Bufanda
Handkerchief Pañuelo
Bag Bolsa
Cap Gorra
Hat Sombrero
Tie Corbata
Buttons Botones
Belt Cinturón
Buckle Hebilla
Lace Cordón
Zip Cremallera
Pocket Bolsillo

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